Tessa J.


You guys are great! Our puppy Smokey LOVES coming to Dog E. Woggy’s. The facility is clean, the staff is friendly, and we’re so happy to have found you guys – and so is Smokey!

Brenda C.


The best doggy daycare in the world. They really love dogs and it shows. The open spaces, outdoor play area , numerous couches for doggies and dedicated staff all equal a wonderful place for your dog to be.

Shannon M.


Dog E. Woggys is great! Andy knows where we are as soon as we pull in and passes out before we leave the parking lot. You can tell they truly care about all the dogs there. I recommend it to everyone when they ask me where to go.

Kathleen D.


Can’t say enough about the staff at Dog E Woggys, especially Debbie. She went above and beyond! Sophie is our world and Debbie eased our anxiety of leaving her for a 3 night sleep over by texting me updates and pics of Sophie having a blast. Thank you so much.

Colleen B.


Ernie loves his “playtime” days. He sprints through the doors in the morning ready to play, and comes home wonderfully tired. I greatly appreciate Dog E. Woggys for providing a safe, fun place for Ernie to socialize and burn off some of his (seemingly endless) puppy energy!! Thank you!!

Michelle M.


Wonderful place – makes me so happy seeing my puppy wagging her nubbin (Aussie) when I drop her off in the morning and how much she loves everybody who works there. Great care for the one you love, because they love them too. You guys rock!!!!

Laurie B.


One day I am going to try and video Benny’s reaction once he realizes we are heading to Dog E. Woggy’s. The minute I get off of 490 he knows he is going to spend the day with his buddies and is beyond excited! That barking you hear when he visits starts way before we enter the door!

We also love the boarding facility. I love that we can sneak away for a few days and know that he is romping around all day having a blast, totally tired out and ready to go into his snuggly sleeping quarters at night.

Thanks for giving our puppies such a fun and loving environment to come to.

Christina M.


This is my favorite place on the clock or off. I love spending time with all of the clients’ fantastic dogs and my dog dances at the door every time I leave the house in hopes to go to daycare!

Heather M.


When I ask my dogs, “Do you want to go to daycare?” They sprint to the door and jump in the car. When we pull into the parking lot they bolt to the door and scratch it until I open it. They are SO excited to arrive at Dog E Woggy’s! Whether for daycare or full boarding, they always enjoy their stay. You can always feel good knowing your dogs are well taken care of at Dog E Woggys!