Sophie’s Salon – Bathing & Grooming

Princess Sophie
Princess SophieOnce upon a time there was a beautiful princess of a pit bull named Sophie. Sophie was a white dog who loved to be dirty. She loved mud puddles, rubbing against car mufflers, laying in the dirt, and digging in and bedding down in mulch.

Most of all, Sophie loved to do that silly dance on the lawn on her back… all legs up in the air wiggling and squirming back and forth. Unfortunately, she usually did this silly dance on dead creatures or deer poop. Sophie thought it smelled wonderful, and she thought she smelled so pretty! There were plenty of times I didn’t think I could endure giving my sweet Sophernutter a bath as I would have to smell that “cologne” up close and personal.

Sophie's SalonThis salon, in honor of Princess Sophie, IS up close and personal, giving every dog their much-deserved and needed individual spa attention! Services are available from simple bathing and brushing to full grooming, so your dog can look as pretty as beautiful stinky Princess Sophie felt…

PS—Boys are welcome too. Sophie LOVED the boys!

Bathing and Nail Trims
Monday thru Friday. Please call 256.3643 for an appointment.

Same day appointments may be available.


“The Works”

Sorry we do not offer the “Super Kiss” 2-week guarantee on this one, but do guarantee that your dog will be fabulously clean!


  • Brush out
  • Massaging shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Blueberry-Vanilla SPA facial
  • Hand blow-dry
  • Ear cleaning
  • Tear stain removal
  • Treat

Bows and bandanas available upon request.



Basic Rates*

Toy $18
Small $20
Medium $26
Large $30
XL (80 lb + short hair) $40
XL (80 lb + long hair) $65

*additional costs may be incurred depending on condition of coat


Optional Extras

Nail trim $11 (clipping or filing)
Nail polish $4
Furminator treatment $10 (de-shedding)
Blueberry-vanilla facial $4
“Around the eye” trim $6
Dental – brushing $6
De-matting $10 per 15 minutes

FULL GROOMING (haircut included)
Sophies1All groomers are CERTIFIED WITH EXPERIENCE!

Full grooming is available most days appointment only.

CHRISTINA KNISELY comes with years of experience and our customers have never been happier!

Call for your appointment today! (585) 256-DOGE(3643)

First-time Customers:

Until the dog is seen by the groomer all prices given by phone are approximate.

Full grooming prices depend on the size of the dog, condition of the coat and type of style and grooming requested.

Please feel free to ask the groomer for more information!