Hours / Enrollment / Vaccinations

11,000 square feet including interior and exterior play areas.

Dogs will have a fun-filled day with an interactive staff and different dogs to play with and socialize each day.

  • Monday thru Friday 7am to 6pm. Open Saturday and Sunday 8am to 6pm. 
  • We also offer multi-dog discounts for dogs living in the same household.


Guest Assessment for NEW DOGS

Our “assessment” of a dog’s temperament begins the moment they walk through the door and never ends.

During the first few days, new dogs will be closely monitored in all aspects and situations. This is a key time for us to learn about your dog’s personality.

The first days of observation ensure safety and compatibility with the other canine guests and the staff.

Please be aware that day care is NOT for all dogs as everyone and every dog is made differently!


1) Fill out the Day Care Application and Agreement (3) pages.

2) Gather proof of vaccinations not more than 30 days old or have your vet fax directly to us.

3) Submit paperwork at least (2) full days in advance of first day to us. Email – jennifer@dogewoggys.com or fax (585)256-3646.


Download and complete your registration paperwork.


Dogs must be up-to-date on the following: Rabies, DHLP (Distemper) and Bordatella (Kennel Cough). If your dog does not have a Bordatella (kennel cough vaccine), it is required that it be administered (10) days prior to starting day care.



Puppies are welcome after they have received their first round of shots, including the Bordatella vaccine. It is suggested they are a minimum of 10-12 weeks old but we are willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis as long as they have had their vaccinations.

Spaying and Neutering:

YES! YES! YES! Any puppy OVER 7 months of age MUST be spayed or neutered. NO exceptions.

There is no breed that cannot be neutered at 6-7 months, despite what you may be told but we will leave that up to you!


All dogs MUST be non-aggressive. It is our responsibility to ensure your dog has a safe environment to play in. All dogs are not made for daycare. They are NOT. I, Jennifer, as owner do not allow CONSTANT barking, constant marking, humping, pinning or biting as a form of play.
First Day

Bring breakfast or lunch if you want your dog to eat here. Treats from home are fine too. If we have your paperwork as outlined above, drop off shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Dogs MUST wear a quick release collar, NOT A HARNESS. No prongs, no links or chains, no buzzers, no shocks, NO CRAZINESS!

Go to work, leave your dog with us, and prepare to have a quiet evening at home later!